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We believe that we have the responsibility to share the benefits with the people from Cusco and we share a volunteer job.

Our vision is not only have the benefits for our company, we try to set an example of how to share, the benefits for local communities while working with the local people.

Like you know, Peru is a country where there are many needs, The city of Cusco is located in the highlands of Peru, in Cusco, you will find many stunning locations, beautiful, unforgettable archaeological complexes, on the other hand, exist many poor people in our Andean region, for that reason, the company of Mister Inkas try always to help out everybody of the Andean communities.

Our special team for holidays gives to the children, donations of clothing, toys, and foods, Mainly at Christmas, our satisfaction is the smiles of the children, and also we share this goal with all our stakeholders: clients, passengers, staff, suppliers, and society as a whole.

A percentage of all money raised is given to non governmental (O.N.G) organizations, which spend the profits, in education, health, etc.. for all children
This is one small way of contributing to the neediest people of our region, We know that our customers and passengers come from cities for better economic conditions and quality of life, by what we ask for their generous willingness to share everything you have, with people that their needs arise, by teaching them English, mathematics, art or just playing with them.

Mister Inkas Exclusive Palace
Av. Tullumayu 548 - Plazoleta Limacpampa
PhoneFax: +51 84 231048 MSN: misters_inkas@hotmail.com
Cusco - Perú

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